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Where can I buy NCC capacitors in Europe?

Where can I download the current data sheets?

Can I get some samples?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you need some samples: Distributors

What is your bank account?

What is the difference between “Endurance” and “Expected Life”?

“Endurance” guarantees a specified Lifetime by keeping defined important characteristics (e.g. capacitance, tanD, leakage current). All used Materials and Processes in Nippon Chemi-Con production facilities are optimized to be able to target a 0% failure rate. “Expected Life” is using wider EOL Characteristics and a defined failure rate in order to extend the lifetime. Please contact us if you’re interested in expected lifetime calculation.

What is the meaning of “the peak voltage shall not exceed the rated voltage”?

Please click here to download a brief description.

Technical Background_DC Voltage+Ripple Current

What is the difference betweend JEDEC and catalogue soldering profiles?

JEDEC offers extended PB-free solderingprofile. Please contact us if you have special soldering profiles or requirements.

Where can I download 3D CAD models for Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors?

Please click here to download 3D drawing in PDF-format. CAD models are not available yet.

Is there a relation between Europe Chemi-Con, United Chemi-Con and Nippon Chemi-con?

Europe Chemi-Con (located in Germany) and United Chemi-Con (located in USA), are 100% subsidiaries of Nippon Chemi-Con.