Capacitors and Varistors for Automotive, New Energy, Industrial and Power Supply

As European subsidiary of one of the world greatest and most successful manufacturers of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Europe Chemi-Con GmbH remains committed to the industry’s future – through tireless and unmatched innovation.

Through every product development project we have our customer’s needs in mind and are dedicated to supporting them amidst an ever-evolving industry landscape. What’s more, our stringent, regulation-compliant environmental policy strives to minimize our – and our customers’ – carbon footprint.

So we can promote advanced technology – and protect the planet.


Whether it’s for a small-motor control, an electric drive system or an on-board battery charger, we have a solution for every automotive need. (more…)

New Energy

Our electric double layer capacitors are far superior to commonly used rechargeable batteries for solar applications – thanks to an excellent charge-discharge cycle life and a low environmental load. (more…)


No matter the industry, we offer radial lead, SMD and Snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors for every need and application. (more…)

Power Supply

Power generation and storage applications require powerful technology – and we have the capacitors for the job. (more…)


See why Capacitors from EUROPE CHEMI-CON connect the world.

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